Monday, September 08, 2008

God Thought Of It First

Ron and I watched the boys while Brad and Paula went to the game Saturday. Andrea, Steve, Violet, Amanda and Evie came over to watch too. We played outside, rode the tractor, RTV, and the sea dos(on the trailer), ate their favorites foods (at my house anyway), strawberry fruit bars and night-night cereal.
After everyone left, we settled down to read. Tucker picked out "Things That Go", after he made me read if for the second or third time, Jackson asked me, " Does God make airplanes?"
Of course I thought that was such a profound question for a little guy!
I ransacked the toy closet to find the book, "God Thought of it First", it answers just that question.
I felt so blessed to be able to have that discussion with my grandchild, such a simple pleasure, read a book, discuss God! Such a smart litte boy. Such a blessing for a grandmother!


Amber said...

I will have to buy Ethan a copy! What an honor to be able to answer his question and know what to say!

Paula said...

Thats really neat. I need to keep up with more funny/interesting things he says, esp. lately b/c his brain seems to be on over-drive lately.