Friday, September 19, 2008

Moonflower & Morning Glory

The white flower is a moonflower. It opens at night and has a nice fragrance! The morning glory and moonflowers are so beautiful. They make me smile, I think because I grow them from seed.

I thought about how gardening is like parenting. You prepare the ground, plant a seed with tender loving care. You give it water, maybe give it feed, you dig out the weeds, you patiently wait for it to grow, then to maybe you are blessed with a lovely bloom. Sometimes you grow a tree that gives you cooling shade.

I think that is why I garden now that my children are grown, nurturing a plant reminds me of nurturing my children, and being blessed with being able to watch my children nurture their own children.

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Amber said...

Aunt Donna- that is such a sweet thought! I love hearing your uplifting insight and wisdom about the world around us! You have such a positive outlook on life and I really appreciate you sharing it on your blog and when our families are together!