Monday, September 29, 2008

Veronika's Birthday!

For Veronika's birthday, I gave her season tickets to the Arkansas Arts Center Childrens's Theatre. We will be going to see 6 plays this year. The first was "Treasure Island". After spending the weekend in Hot Springs, we kept going and went straight to the theatre.

The play was pretty good. It was a pretty strong story, with a lot of noise and action. We sat on the front row, so a couple of times the actors were right on top of us, I thought they were going to fall in our lap. So Veronika was a little upset about that. But she didn't mind the fighting and swords. Her main concern was if the swords were real and the blood was real. Also, the pirate with the peg leg, that was interesting. After the play was over, they had a question and answer session and he showed how he had a peg leg. Very interesting.

Next month we go see, "Junie B Jones and a Little Monkey Business!". I am sure that will be Veronika's favorite!


Andrea said...

Veronika had such a good time and is ready for the next play! Thanks for doing something so special for her!

Angie said...

We love Junie B. Jones! How was the play? BooBoo and PawPaw all of us to see Annie this summer, We loved it! I would like to take Lexi to see Junie B. By the way happy late birthday Veronika. You look so pretty with your new hair cut.