Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bucket List

Andrea forwarded an email about a "Bucket List", you were to check off what you had done and forward it to your friends. I thought it was very interesting. I was pleased to see that I had done many of the things on the bucket list, and very sad about some of them also. Seeing a person die was not really on my list of things I wanted to do, but sadly, I did experience that. Some of my bucket list things were not on the list. So I thought I would come up with my own "Bucket List".
These are not in order of importance.

1. travel to Hawaii
2. travel to Alaska
3. travel travel travel in the continental US!!! too many places to list
4. write a childrens book
5. learn to play the piano
6. learn to take awesome pictures worthy of framing
7. learn to watercolor, mostly flower and bird pictures
8. celebrate 50 years of marriage
9.get healthy, lose weight, blah blah blah long enough to see great grandchild
11. semi retire, so that we can travel more
12. wittnessing my grandchilden accepting the Lord as savior
13. snow ski

Hummm, so how to achieve those items on my bucket list.

1. work harder to make more money so we can travel
2. work at getting healthy so we can live long enough to travel and see great grandchildren
3.get busy taking some lessons!!! watercolor, photography, something
4. teach children Bible lessons
5.get Ron busy getting healthy too

Ok, so my goals are not that unattainable. I feel really blessed to know that so many things on that original "Bucket List" I have already done.
I have seen grandchildren.
I am able to see those grandchildren several times a week
I have seen the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico
I have been to Canada, Mexico and Turkey
I have flown
I have a double oven and big kitchen for family dinners
I actually have the life of my dreams!
Thank you Lord!

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Amber said...

Love the bucket list! It is amazing how many things you have done in your lifetime! We love you & miss the family!