Thursday, February 11, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Paula and Andrea added a "Simple Pleasures" Post, so I thought I would come up with some of my own.

reading a book to one of the grandchildren that they requested by title

seeing a child smile

having a grandchild reach their little hands up for me to pick them up

finding a cute outfit for one of the grandchildren

seeing a childsize handprint on the window, even when the kids have gone home

just about anything related to my grandchildren

teaching Bible lessons, and hearing a parent tell me their child told them what the lesson was

hearing a child say their Bible verse

coffee, especially the first cup of the day

grinding coffee beans at night in the anticipation of morning coffee

birds at the feeder

the first flowers of spring

flower buds on trees in anticipation of spring

planting a tree

waking to the singing of birds

sharing a laugh with my husband

sharing a really good dessert with my husband

clean sheets

smelling dial bath soap, especially on my husband

Christmas cards, sending and receiving

decorating for Christmas

buying new ornaments


reading blogs

playing scrabble on my iphone

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