Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Kay

Kay's birthday is February 28th! To surprise Kay, Amber cooked dinner for Kay, Jim, Ron and I.
Even though we live only about 15 miles apart, Kay and I never seem to find or make the time to visit each other.
Of my 3 sisters, Kay and I are closest in age. We went to school together, at one time we worked in the same shopping center. Kay worked at Krogers, I worked next door at TG&Y(pre-WalMart) Our future husbands were roommates at one time. And, we had a double wedding!
FYI We did not have a double honeymoon!
We had our kids 11 months apart.(Kay did not cooperate and have that 3rd)
When our kids were little, we got together for play dates for the kids. Then, when our kids were older, we were going to activities for them. Next, we worked while while our kids were starting their own families.
Now when we see each other, we are usually having a family event and playing with our grandchildren. I know Kay wouldn't change a thing, and I sure wouldn't, but we have not spent time together.
My sisters are my best friends! I have decided as an addition to my "Bucket List", I will be spending some one on one time with my sisters!
I was so excited when Amber asked if we could come to dinner. That was just what I had been wanting.
So, Amber prepared a delicious meal of chicken enchiladas, mex rice, bean dip and a yummy chocalate cake. And she hosted at her house, with fresh flowers, no less, welcomed us, then her, Randy and Ethan went out. I felt like we were at a 5 star restaurant.
Thank you Amber, Randy and Ethan!
Attention Sisters! I want some more time with each one of you!


Paula said...

Wow that is SO thoughtful of Amber to do all that, 8 months pregnant too!
Glad you guys got some time together, without having to chase grandchildren.

LKB said...

Well, happy birthday Kay - your sister and I share the day. I've always loved my birthday and hope she does too.
What a thoughtful daughter to make such a special evening for all of you.

Angie said...

That was so sweet of Amber to do that! I hope you get to spend much more time with all of you sisters!

Kay said...

Many thanks to my sweet daughter for all the planning and cooking that went into my special birthday surprise! As Donna said, we really don't spend much time with each other, so this was just the gift I needed. (My aching knee even felt better by the end of the evening!) Jim and Ronnie even got to catch up a little. Thank you Amber and Randy, Donna and Ronnie for my surprise party (56 years young!)


So Sweet, wish I could have been there with my sisters! Miss you all very much!!!