Friday, March 05, 2010


Ron and I are in Miami for a business trip. We visited the Everglades today. I always thought that it would be really pretty, but this is the dry season. There were so many alligators! The are not considered dangerous if you leave them alone. They didn't have to tell me twice. At one stopping place there were 11 alligators. We saw baby gators, big gators, little gators, a humpback gator, gator beds, gator trails, .....

There were some really pretty birds too. I took probably 70 shots, the white bird is my favorite picture.

Funny thing is, Ron and I have traveled to some interesting places. We floated the Colorado river. But I thought that the Buffalo River was prettier. After seeing the Everglades, I think my backyard birds are prettier. I will always love to visit places, see wildlife, see plants, gardens, water, but it is comforting to know, that close to home is some of the most beautiful people, waters, plants, birds and wildlife.


Kay said...

Did you make it down to the Keys? Yes, Arkansas is a beautiful state. The more you travel, the more you appreciate coming home to the beauty in your own back yard.

Donna said...

That is so true! We did make it to Key West. I was so excited about getting a sunset picture with my new camera, but my battery died right before the sunset!