Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Celebrations

Ron turns 60 on March 30. We had his birthday dinner tonight, steaks, sweet potatoes,
brocoli, mushrooms, and german chocalate cake! I am still stuffed.
We celebrated Easter early also. We usually have Easter early because Brad and Paula go to Fort Smith  on Easter day.
About this time of year I always think about the Easter before Jackson was born. Ron, Andrea and Amanda and I went to Church. We came home from Church, all alone. No egg hunts, no candy, no frilly dresses. 
I called Brad later that day and asked about their Easter with Paula's family and all the little children, I wanted to hear about all the fun they had. 
I told Brad how sad his Dad was that we didn't have any little kids in the family anymore.It just wasn't the same without some little kids to hide eggs for. Easter was April 11 that year. Jackson was born December 29. Humm, and he was 3 1/2 weeks early.
Need I say that Ron really loves his grandchildren! He even helped me stuff candy in the plastic eggs for the egg hunt.
Who would have thought that from Easter, April 11, 2004 to March 28, 2010, we would now have 6 grandchildren and another little granddaughter on the way! They are so precious to Ron and I both.
We will be picking up candy wrappers for days, I probably want be able to move from carrying those babies, but was a blessing!
The sweetest words I have ever heard, "I want to go to your house Dodi"!

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Kay said...

Donna, that is such a sweet story. It is amazing that our children now have children of their own. I remember Easter growing up. Mama always put us in new Easter dresses. We went to Sunday School and later to the cemetary in our pretty dresses, and took family pics in front of the big wall.