Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Spring time is my favorite time of year. The flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are going crazy at the feeders. The goldfinch are about to turn bright yellow! I can't wait to get my hands in the soil and start planting.
I am going to try onions this year. And I have my usual strawberries, basil, lavender, cilantro and peppers so far.
I have it on good authority, Ron, that I cannot plant tomatoes until after Good Friday.I haven't grown a good tomato for several years, but hope springs eternal that someday I will grow a delicious tomato.

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Kay said...

Donna, that is such a sweet story. It is amazing that our children now have children of their own. I remember Easter growing up. Mama always put us in new Easter dresses. We went to Sunday School and later to the cemetary in our pretty dresses, and took family pics in front of the big wall.