Saturday, May 04, 2013

More Knee Stuff

Before Ex Ray
Notice the knee cap on the right knee? It's the one on the left in the picture, the white shadow that is not located in the center of my knee. You can't see the knee cap in the left knee because it is in the proper position.

New knee and knee cap in the correct position!
I have been going to physical therapy for 6 weeks! After 6 weeks I could still only bend my knee to 90! It is expected to bend to at least 120!
This is approximately 90!
This is maybe 120, the day after the MUA!
May 3, 2013, I had a MUA, manipulation under anesthesia! They gave me block in my right leg, then under anesthesia, they bent my knee to 135! I woke up from the anesthesia in a lot of pain! I could not understand how I could wake up from total knee replacement with no pain, but the MUA hurt. I think that the block did not take effect in time. I was aware when they were placing the immobilizer on my leg. The nurse gave me enough Demerol to numb the pain! And a hydrocodone to boost! They sent me home within an hour of waking up.
We ran by Sonic for my favorite diet cherry limeade! Ron had breakfast. We picked up my meds, then after a quick stop at home, he took me to therapy.
I RODE THE BIKE! I was so afraid of turning that pedal. About week 3, I turned the pedal and the pain was so intense! I thought I would pass out! My PT told me to do it again, I did and it was just as bad. I refused to do it again.
After the MUA, I knew it shouldn't hurt, but I was very afraid. I did it and it was sure, but didn't hurt like before. Then we went to the shuttle, I couldn't even hold my leg up, it just slid down the wall. So laying on the table, I could hold up my leg and let it drop to 130! 
Yea! The 130 felt less painful that the 90 had the day before.
After therapy, my leg felt OK, so we left PT without the leg immobilizer. I walked into the house, got in bed, everything ok.
I got up to potty, bent my knee to 90, when I went to stand up, my knee buckled and down I fell.
What a trauma! Ron had to help me up. Thank goodness he was home.
I didn't think I was hurt.
We went to back to bed. Four hours later, I had to potty again, I felt my knee buckle a little, but thought, I can walk to the potty! I fell again!
Double the trauma!
I decided to wear that immobilizer until I knew my leg was awake! That is why I think the block didn't take effect until about 2 hours after the MUA! Weird!
Saturday, May 4, I was able to ride the bide for 45 minutes! And I bent to whatever is in the picture above!
My PT, has thought that I was refusing to relax and bend my knee because of fear of the pain. I know now that my knee probably had scar tissue from the meniscus surgery in 2011. I have had a bulge of tissue above my knee and a pocket below my knee. I believe that is gone!
Amanda felt my knee and leg and could tell the the tissue was softer and more pliable than it had been in the past year and a half since my earlier problem.
Except for the falls, I am so thankful that I had this manipulation! My thigh muscle is so sore. I do not know if the sore thigh is from the fall or from the MUA! But I do know that the muscle soreness is not the same as the pain from the bend, when my knee didn't want to bend!

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Amber said...

So glad you are able to bend your knee! We have been praying for you and miss your family so much. Thinking of you.