Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ROM 122!

PT Bend to 122

I bent to 122 at my last  PT session! I was pretty excited. I had her do it again so that could have a reference point and take a photo of it. I was happy to reach that goal for my last PT session.
I have enjoyed PT. Not the actual work of PT, the work of PT hurts! But I enjoyed visiting, Rachael graduated from high school with Amanda. So I enjoy visiting with her. Sharon is about my age, so we visit about our kids, grandkids and gardening. I realized how much I would miss it and I realized that since I work with all men I do not get to visit with women. Oh well, all things must come to an end.

My Home Bend-Not 122

I am not getting to 120 at home evidently! My goniometer to measure it myself came in! I can do the exercises, ride my bike, but I cannot make myself push my bend to 122, or even 120. I think I am bending to 110. But I can drive the go kart. I can drive the RTV, I can bend enough to hit the gas and the brake.

I also read a blog that suggests that ROM will continue to improve over time with more gentle methods of therapy. The DR and PT both suggest you have to push and do it now, or you will never improve.

We shall see!

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