Thursday, May 16, 2013

Updates: Weight Loss and My Knee

My Fitness Pal updates my weight loss on my blog, but I wanted to make a post so I would remember what happened when!
Thursday, May 16, 2013, my weight loss hit 45.1 lbs! I was so excited to wake up, weigh myself, and see that number! I don't speak that number, but wow! I was happy! My original goal was to lose 100 lbs in a year. Then my loss slowed, so I set a new goal of 52 lbs in a year. That was so much more realistic. I can eat sensible and still lose weight.
I started using GNC Lean Protein shakes in August to help me lose 10 lbs so that I could have the lap band surgery. I lost enough weight that I decided to not have the lap band.
I used the GNC shakes for a while. Then I was tired of that and tried to eat 1200 calories a day. I would usually eat 1500, but exercise and burn 400 calories. My loss slowed with that and the holidays hit!
After my knee replacement I started using Arbonne Essentials Protein Shakes. The Arbonne has more protein than the GNC. I don't know if that is why my loss has picked up. Or it could be having knee surgery. I take pain pills. Many people find that pain pills make them lose their appetite. I think I just haven't felt like eating snacks because it is too much trouble to get up and get a snack. Plus, I don't feel like shopping, so we do not have snacks in the house. For weeks after surgery, I went to bed at 8 pm and slept to 8 am. That doesn't leave a lot of time for overeating!
The biggest change I have made since August is to make our lunch at work. I used to pick up fast food almost everyday. Now, if we have fast food, it's Subway or a salad from one of the other places. No cheeseburgers and fries! I feel like I am adding years to my and Ron's life just by eating healthy, whether we lose weight or not.
An added plus! I can wear size 16 pants!!! I do not know when I last wore this size. This morning, my size 18 pants, still felt OK when I put them on. Later that day, I noticed that my pants were dragging in the ground and I believe that have become a health hazard. I could trip and fall on them.
Soooo, I obviously have to completely replace my wardrobe!
My bag of clothing to give away is growing!

My knee has days that almost feel normal. Today, I bent to 115 on my on, but that extra 5% hurt like heck. But afterward, it feels better. When I walked up the packing lot to the office today, my gait felt almost normal. It was the most normal walk that I have had since October 2011!
That is BIG! Later in the day, I still limped around the office. When I stand up, I have to get the muscles woke up, every time! Tonight, after a busy evening of going to the ball park and watering my plants, and putting some dinner in the oven, I hurt again.
But I keep thinking of how I felt an almost normal walk today!

The Little Rock Garden Tour is June 1. I LOVE this garden tour. You get to visit the gardens of private homes. I have seen some beautiful gardens and gotten some wonderful ideas that I have used in my garden. The Arkansas Flower and Garden Show in the early spring and the Garden Tour in the late spring are my favorite activities! I anticipate them all year! I was really sad because I didn't think I could go this year. But, I believe I can do it! I know I can do it!

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Amber said...

Yeah Aunt Donna! That is so inspiring and encouraging! So glad that PT is much better for you. Praying for complete recovery as soon as possible!