Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Emergency Visit

Anybody need an emergency massage? Amber had a crick in her neck and ran by the shop for Amanda to try to work it out. Ethan has gotten Sooooo Biggggg! What a cutie!



Ronnie looks so happy holding Ethan,

Amanda I need emergency massage the next time I'm in LR

Poor Amber nothing worse than a crick in your neck

Amber said...

Thank goodness for a massage therapist in the family! It was so painful and I could barely look around while driving...yes very dangerous. I was having Ladies Class meeting at my house tonight, so I had to feel better & clean my house! Amanda, what a miracle worker...a 10 minute massage, 6 nuprin, two hour nap, and 2 naproxin...I felt so much better! Thank you!

Angie said...

NO FAIR!!! Amanda can you and Josh come live at my house. I need a massage. I'll cook supper for you every night. Please.