Friday, September 01, 2006

Ohio Conference

This is Ron at our booth at the Land & Maritime Supply Chain Conference, (Department of Defense) We were exhibiting at the conference. Other exhibitors were AM General, Lockheed Martin, really big companies. We are such small potatoes. But we made some good contacts.
I love living in a hotel for a few days. Even working at the booth, its like a vacation to be talking to people, eating out, somebody cleaning our room.
When we got back we had to work from 8 am to 9 pm catching up on paperwork. Amanda and the guys took good care of the shop for us.


Amber said...

Uncle Ronnie, you look very professional! I bet everyone was impressed with your booth! Glad you and Aunt Donna had fun at the conference.

Kay said...

For a small fry, you guys are doing very well in the contract business -- YEAH for you!!

AmandaThomas said...

When are you going to let me come with you guys and do chair massage. People would love it and everyone would remember our business.