Tuesday, September 19, 2006

This was my Saturday Morning!

I decided I better get a picture of the humingbirds before the cold weather sent them south. I have to fill up the feeders almost every day. But I really enjoy watching them in action. After they head south, I will put up the Goldfinch feeders(nyger seed), they come in November, a dull grey color, turn a beautiful yellow in spring, then head north in May! God has a perfect plan for making life beautiful!


Angie said...

I love to watch humming birds. I have a few that come to my house, but mom has so many. They like to fight with each other. They fly back and forth through her carport. If you don't watch out they will hit you. Their little rascals.

Thats such a great picture!


I love your humingbirds picture, I have tried to take a picture but they are swarmming around me. They have come back like crazy. I'm having to add more food about every other day. My Morning Glories have come back again, my yard is really pretty right now. We had a garage sale last week and just about eveyone said that our yard was beautiful.

Stacy & Chad said...

That is a really great pic Donna of the humming bird. Is that outside of the house?