Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Grandparents Day

I was able to see all my kids and grandkids all weekend. The picture of Tucker is a rerun, but I didn't take any new of him. Saturday, Jackson stayed with us all day. He was actually reading a book while chaseing Lily in this picture. Andrea, Steve and Veronika had pictures made.
Saturday, I was watering the yard and Jackson and Veronika ran through the sprinkler. They were so funny. Veronika ran through the water then through the fresh plowed dirt of my garden, and got a little dirty. Jackson just stood in one spot and let the water hit him when it circulated back. You'll have to piture it, I didn't take my camera outside.
Then I took all three for a short walk after dinner, actually Amanda had to help me. We had the wagon and the stroller.
Everyone came to church on Sunday. A new class started for parents of young children, Brad and Paula, (and Tucker) went to that.
Then we all went to Dixie Cafe. We have 13 when we are together. I feel sorry for our servers.
But we had fun being together.
Jackson doesn't like to sit long enough for a whole meal. He cries for his "Poppa", he knows Ronnie will take him outside to play. It's funny because he loves to eat.


Paula said...

Well I'm so glad you say "I was able to" instead of "I had to" ....see all my kids/grandkids all weekend! It is nice to spend time with family on the weekends. And yes, Jackson is not "good" at restaurants. We talk about making him act better, but its hard b/c Poppa is a softy and will just scarf down his food, then take him outside.

Donna said...

I can't add! Amanda had to tell me that we have 11 when we are all together.
And Ronnie would rather play with grandbabies anytime than eat!
Ya'll are doing a great job with the boys, they are both so happy! That's what matters. Who doesn't get tired of waiting on stuff!


Who were the other 2 that made 13? It is so nice when the whole family can get together. One of our friends told us how nice it must be when you can get all of your kids and grandkids together at one time. All we have to do is mention going out to eat and everyone is ready for "family time"

Angie said...

It's fun to be all together. I'm glad you and Ronnie had a good grandparents day.

Andrea said...

Veronika was very upset last night. We went to eat at Olive Garden and she was whining because she wanted to go to Dixie Cafe with her family. Thank you for all that you do for her and us

Amber said...

I love the pictures! I can't leave the house now without my camera...b/c I'm always thinking about what to blog next! HAHAHa. Paula, your boys really are happy! Hope you have a great week at your SW Radiator and Message Therapy Child Care Clinic.