Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dowler's Flowers

We are famous! Julie Mayberry interviewed Amanda and I about the weddding. Julie called and said she had an assignment to write about a wedding for America's Bride and Groom in Arkansas. I had told her about the wedding plans while working in the nursey one day at church. So she wanted to use Amanda's story. I emailed her our pictures, the real photographer was supposed to provide her access to those. They evidentially didn't get ready in time.
Does that mean I am a published photographer?


Kaylee said...

You are! That's so cool! Congrats!

Paula said...

Way to go Donna! Your pics are very good.

Stacy & Chad said...

That is so great Donna! Congrats we are prod of you. Those are some beautaful pictures


That was such a great picture of Amanda and the sunflowers. That is great that it was published in the magazine. YOU GO GIRL!! My Little Sister is so smart.

kerry said...

I guess you have a green thumb!
THose flowers are beautiful and so it Amanda- great picture!