Monday, October 30, 2006

Viva Las Vegas

After an extremely busy week at work, we are in Las Vegas. I have worried and fretted about leaving work, jobs undone, I ordered new furniture, it came in this past week, we did major cleaning and organizing.
I have been preparing for a government inspection. So the week was stessful to say the least!
Saturday was great, Andrea's shower was really fun. We enjoyed catching up with the Hix family. We never get to talk, even though Carol just lives down the street. I am so glad Andrea is getting to enjoy these events in her honor.
Then I was able to keep Jackson and Tucker. They always make me happy. I call them stessbusters.
Now we are in Las Vagas for a business meeting. We took today off and relaxed. Ron and I both have needed today. The rest of the week with be tough. Lots of walking, looking for suppliers. This expo is gigantic! Ron walks every inch of it! And I drag along. But he shopped with me today. So I will follow him! EVERY INCH of the EXPO!!!??? If I can make it.

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Kaylee said...

Aren't the Bellagio Fountains beautiful? I could have stood all day looking at the fountains. We were only in Vegas for 12 hours, but the fountains and the New York, New York roller coaster were my favorite things.