Monday, October 09, 2006


I have been cooking dinner for my family on Sunday, after Church. It is too crowded to take a crowd out to eat.
My newest attempt at cooking was a pork roast. Ann made one years(and I mean years) ago, she cut slits and added garlic. That is what I did, coated it with olive oil, added potatoes, and roasted it. First on a high temp to brown it, then down to 320 while at church for the remaining two 1/2 hours. I loved it. We have been going to the Pamper Chef parties, and I like trying recipes. Also, they all brought side dishes to complete the meal.
The best part was playing with the boys after dinner. Veronika wasn't here this time.
Jackson has a favorite book, Elmo plays songs, one is, "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" I was singing it to Tucker and making a little toy touch his head, etc. Then Jackson picked up the toy and started making it touch its head, knees, eyes, etc. and saying the words. It was so cute.



We love Pork Roast, did you enjoy the garlic. Yumie!! I need to try cooking some on Sunday. I loved having Caleb this past Sunday at Church - he did so good in my Sunday School class. He raises his hands and praises the Lord. It is so cute.

Amber said...

Your pork roast sounds delious..I would love for you to email the recipe to me! It really is almost easier to prepare a meal at home then wait so long to eat out. Plus, the food is SO much better! Glad you had a great Sunday.

Paula said...

Yes I like our Sunday lunch tradition. The roast was very good. Brad said my casserole wasnt as good as the last time I made it (not enough salt), but whatever! I told him he cant complain when my cooking isnrt right....I'm actually cooking!!!! He had to agree with that. Plus eating at home makes you enjoy eating out so much more.