Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Zoo Trip

Saturday I took Jackson and Veronika to the Zoo. The Little Rock Zoo has been improving and it was crowded. The weather was great, so I guess we all had the same plan. I wanted to see just a few animals and ride the train. But the train had just jumped the track, thank goodness we weren't on it. So, we saw the monkeys and the elephant, played on the playground. We kept it a nice short visit so we wouldn't get too tired, me and the kids. I am ready to go back to finish the visit and see the giraffes. We are supposed to have penguins or be getting them.


Andrea said...

Thanks for taking Veronika to the zoo. I am so glad that she is comfortable with everyone. She really loved her trip. Thank you for loving her like you do.


Donna, were you by yourself with two babies? Looks like you had a great time. We are going to take our grandkids to the Global Wildlife Center when cools off more. It is still 90 degrees around here. We ride in a Safari Wagon and see all the wild life. We are able to feed the giraffes and get up close to the animals. Looking at your picture I'm ready to go now.

Donna said...

I just took Jackson and Veronika.
And we only stayed about an hour. I used to take the kids and stay all day, until we were all exhausted and cranky.